TV 电视

In February 2014, I starred in Israeli Famous TV Show מצב האומה  פרק 10 המלא hosted by Lior Schleien with famous Israeli singer Gidi Gov as a guest. This episode was about the acquisition of Israeli’s biggest diary producer Tnuva by Bright Food Company from China. It was the biggest M&A case between Israel and China. I was singing a child song about Tnuva in Chinese, their significant diary farm in whole times. The lyrics were translated also by me.

2014年2月,我参与了由以色列著名主持人Lior Schleien主持的电视节目מצב האומה,同期著名歌唱艺术家Gidi Gov作为嘉宾参与拍摄。本期节目谈论关于光明食品集团对以色列Tnuva集团的收购案。我本人将一首以色列童谣《我们的车》译为中文,并用中文演唱,歌曲提到Tnuva集团每天早上为孩童们送奶的汽车。

In July 2013, I starred in Israeli Famous TV Show מצב האומה עונה 6 – פרק 22 המלא : סוגרים עונה אמריקה סטייל hosted by Lior Schleien with American Ambassador as a guest. In this episode, I narrated ten jokes in Chinese after the host, including

If we forget about all the religious crap, the Wailing Wall is the biggest fortune cookie in the world.

(Attention: If you quote, please make sure you credit the originality. Thank you.)

2013年7月,我参与了由以色列著名主持人Lior Schleien主持的电视节目מצב האומה,同期美国大使作为嘉宾参与拍摄。本期节目谈论假设以色列申请成为美国第五十一个州遭到美国拒绝等问题。我用中文陈述了主持人讲的十个笑话,其中包括



In 2013, I joined filming a commercial for an Israeli start-up App called ShareiL.



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