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Write a poem in world poetry day

write a poem in world poetry day to pour the hatred into words those injustice pretend to care and always helping as if poetry is the effective way Advertisements

Only If God Could

Taught me a lesson I should’ve known all alone: what you do to children matters, and they might never forget. — God Help the Child by Toni Morrison I used a completely new way to start […]


听风听雨至黄昏 听风听雨是黄昏 Translation [Listen to the wind and rain arrives the twilight] or [Listen to the wind and rain is the twilight] 是风雨带来了黄昏还是风雨就是黄昏? 风雨带来了黄昏。风雨过后,发现极近暮年。或许身处暮年,才想念曾经的风雨。不求风雨后的平静和缓,只渴望再次乘风破浪,直捣云端。 风雨就是黄昏。黄发垂髫自是后者深谙风雨。人生初始,未尝风雨愁滋味。在意识到自身处于风雨之中时,已然不再是黄发小儿了。 只一字之差,全然不同的感悟。

a poem dedicated to Susan Sontag II

writersatwork: Susan Sontag Still the French poster, it was popular, the telephone her cigarette was pointing to with bricks and typing machine on the railway, taking a trip. — a poem dedicated to Susan Sontag