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110613 Wednesday

iamthemangoturtle: Arrived in Taiyuan by train at 8:49 am. There was a bombing at the Shanxi Provincial Office in Taiyuan at 7:40 am. One person dead, one in critical condition, and seven others injured. Traffic […]

Eyes Behind

idontexistinusualplaces: 7:55am by china.sixty4 on Flickr. I wonder who is the person behind the camera.

Bluttat in China : Binbin fragt immer, warum es nicht mehr hell wird – Nachrichten Panorama – DIE WELT

This is the news that occupied the cover story in various news channel in China. A boy’s eyes were taken out cruelly by a woman, and not for the reason of organ trade. The boy […]

Remember William Edward Soothill

Recently a book came out, entitled 《寻找 苏慧廉》William Edward Soothill was a missionary in China, stayed for 46 years. At first, he was staying in Wen Zhou, learned the dialect, and wrote some valuable books. […]