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Write a poem in world poetry day

write a poem in world poetry day to pour the hatred into words those injustice pretend to care and always helping as if poetry is the effective way Advertisements

More poems? Wait till I’m dead – With my own poem divided into two

November has never been this disruptive, that’s when I picked up Allen Ginsberg. The introduction bring back the “Trump” season, together with a bit of entangled Winter Blue, “Winter kept us warm, covering”, says T.S. […]

What We Call Ancient Wisdom

Humble living does not diminish. It fills. Going back to a simpler self gives wisdom. — Selected Poems: Rumi, p. 146 Somehow after 911, we entered an era of fearing muslim or certain religious ideology […]

Eulogy to a Carnival

we all put make-ups on the past. white wash or blemish it it sheds lights into our future still the shell on the snail never the burden but a true home allows an unsettling heart […]