Review of 禅里禅外悟人生

I’ve heard from a historical lecture that Chinese language has been influenced vastly by two cultures/languages, one is Buddhism, the other one is Japanese. Buddhism starts to take its position in Tang dynasty, and the huge influence permeated to Chinese language, even daily language like nowadays. Now when we speak Chinese in a daily base, one wouldn’t take into consideration that this phrase or this concept may come from Buddhism, this could be called ignorance, but also, it shows an integrity of Chinese thinking and Buddhism. So this is how deep it is. 

This book is written by one of the most respectful great master in contemporary China. I’ve been to Xia Men where he practiced Buddhism and gave lectures and died, it feels like a very admirable place. He told us how to distinguish Buddhism from what they call superstition. It does make sense. However, when one has his/her own belief, it has already made him blind. He could reject all the stories superstition taught people, instead, he persuade people to believe Buddha’s super nature stories. It is the same. That is also why this book didn’t win my 5 stars. 

The Japanese influence is not relevant to this book, so I won’t mention it here.

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Jesse Eisenberg: “If I Was Fluent in …” : The New Yorker
If I was fluent in Chinese,
Chinese: Wow, your Chinese is so good, (given the fact that I’m making mistakes).
Me: I learned with my neighbor.
Chinese: Since I am fluent in English, let’s talk in English!
Me: What about talking in Chinese? I am also fluent in Chinese.
Chinese: You know, even though your Chinese is good, it is not that good so I could understand it.
Me: oh so you were just “encouraging” me….

A Bull In China

Jim Rogers, big figure, with vision. Shall we follow his steps and move to China? It all depends on how you see it. His vision could probably right, even if it is not recent years, but in the long run. Maybe it is just way too easy and relieve when you sitting in Singapore and looking at China. It feels different in China. Well, it takes time, hundreds of years, and whoever sees the change, wins. 

And it all starts with the language. 

A Bull In China