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After Watching I AM. Shimon Peres

He was so wise and humorous. Fortunately to watch this documentary, well done. So many words, hard to compose, but every time hearing Mr. Shimon Peres, there are inspirations and continuous life spirit. It will […]

Ask where I’m a local

One rare video that I could totally related to. My forging of identity didn’t depend on my parents, since they never had any wish to move to another city or country, neither my identity was […]

Train, Zug, 火车

Last time I was sitting on a train was in Germany. I saw a deer, jumping into the forrest. The first time I got on the train in Germany was in Frankfurt am Main, I […]

Discover China through Its Language

What we talk about when we talk about Chinese?  With many years of teaching experiences in Chinese, Shachar Deutsch founded ShacharChinese with Zhai Yu (Zöe).  Within a very short time, ShacharChinese developed its own teaching methods, […]