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Write a poem in world poetry day

write a poem in world poetry day to pour the hatred into words those injustice pretend to care and always helping as if poetry is the effective way Advertisements

Only If God Could

Taught me a lesson I should’ve known all alone: what you do to children matters, and they might never forget. — God Help the Child by Toni Morrison I used a completely new way to start […]

Fetching the Lost Inspiration (1)

Ramon stopped in front of a suntanned, appealing adolescent, naked under his shorts, who was selling masks of the faces of Balzac, Berlioz, Hugo, Dumas. –Milan Kundera The Festival of Insignificance  p.5 A cup of […]

Not a Prelude for inspiration

Lady gaga’s The Prelude Pathétique raises little monsters’ respects for mother monster in a very short time. Within several hours, Gaga’s Marry The Night Prelude video could become the next Oscar winner, well, for MTV.  […]