Ian Johnson: Discontent in China’s Most Polluted Cities

Entrepreneurial angle of this article:

Let’s put aside of the whole anxious story about heavy pollution, old abandoned stories, government pressure and so on, and the story mentioned an App. It was a start-up by two guys named Wang Jun and Zhang Bin, they developed an App called “China Air Quality Index” while they were pondering on the fact of pollution. It was so successful that they got two and a half million download, average four thousand downloads per day. 

It does not mean Chinese people cannot be creative. But to be strict, this is not something very much creative as well. This is a collective data app, but the spirit is good. If there is a need, maybe another Apple will be created. 

Ian Johnson: Discontent in China’s Most Polluted Cities


Run Run Shaw, Movie Mogul Seen as Creator of Kung Fu Genre, Dies at 106

The second page first paragraph could be interpreted in terms of venture capital, given Bruce Lee as an entrepreneur, and Shaw as a venture capitalist who made the wrong decision that later turned out to be a big mistake. There always will be big mistakes when you think money-wisely, you could talk about those could-have-been, would-have-beens, but eventually, we die, money stays.

Run Run Shaw, Movie Mogul Seen as Creator of Kung Fu Genre, Dies at 106

Our Investment in SmartThings


It’s hard to believe that we are only 6-7 years into the smartphone era. It feels like a distant memory when I couldn’t use my phone to find my way, check myself in, snap a photo, or tweet something to the world. My phone buzzes me when someone tags me or mentions me, when I should leave early…

Nice things, convenient. 

Our Investment in SmartThings