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琴诗 [宋] 苏轼 若言琴上有琴声,放在匣中何不鸣? 若言声在指头上,何不于君指上听? Poem of Qin Su Shi If melody of Qin is on the Qin, why it does not sing in a box? If melody in on the fingers, why not listening […]

三月柳絮飞 + Audio

送别 [唐] 王之涣 杨柳东风树,青青夹御河。 近来攀折苦,应为别离多。 weeping willow tree and the east wind, royal river lies between the green. Recently hard to climb and snap a branch, too many farewells should be the reason. 劳劳亭 [唐] […]

爱情诗 Love Poems

夜雨寄北 [唐] 李商隐 君问归期未有期,巴山夜雨涨秋池。 何当共剪西窗烛,却话巴山夜雨时。 Address to the North in a Raining Night Asking the gentleman’s returning date albeit there is no date, Ba Mountain’s night rainfall fulfilled the autumn pond. When should we cut […]


(唐)王之涣 白日依山尽,黄河入海流。 欲穷千里目,更上一层楼。 White sun leaning on the mountain til the end, Yellow River flows into the sea. To have an eye reaching a thousand li, one needs to climb one more level. (唐)畅当 迥临飞鸟上,高出世尘间。 […]