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HSK 1 练习及延伸

Original Materials for HSK 1 learners with knowledge extensions and supplementary elements. It reviews HSK 1 knowledge point, plus a strong additional knowledge in practical scenarios.


HSK 4 (上)1-10章例句

HSK标准教程4 练习及延伸 (上)
第一章 爱情和婚姻




Jump start your Chinese (2) Predicate

From last post for Tense, we know that “Predicate” is very important and frequently used in Chinese language. What is a Predicate? According to Cambridge Dictionary, Predicate is in grammar, the part of a sentence that contains the verb and givesinformation about the subject. I would say, […]

Jump start your Chinese (1) Tense

Mandarin Chinese is not difficult to start with. It does NOT have tedious rules to remember at the beginning. Wait, that doesn’t mean Chinese language has no grammatical rules. If you want to get the […]