Ruled by Quotations

We are ruled by quotations. — Susan Sontag

For thousands of years, it is almost a ritual that we recite what our ancestors wrote. Quotations, fables, life stories, essays, you name them. One thing in common, they tell us how they had lived, thought, and passed the heritage on and on. We interpret the old life wisdom of an ancient spirit, a retrospect of a far by-gone era. An era like the future that we never had chance to see or live in it.

But, one cannot deny that our lives are based on them, those banal wisdoms. Quotations are the symbol of the past, a text gallery of the past. As a time span that gives us no possibility to go back to, in this sense, past is much worse than the future. The worse, the better.


Ruled by Quotations” is located originally in TumblrIt posts literary quotations from various books once a day. I hope to build a project like Walter Benjamin once wished.

See the sidebar “Daily Quote” from Ruled by Quotations as well.



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