Book: Wan Guo Gong Fa《万国公法》

Arirang Pime – Wan Guo Gong Fa (by arirangkorean) Korea preserved a lot of classic Chinese books, Wan Guo Gong Fa was one of them. It would be interesting if I could get a chance […]


This Cí is dedicated to the author’s bedridden neighbor, and I quote it for all my good friends in distance. 贺新郎 刘过 赠邻人朱唐卿 多病刘郎瘦。最伤心、天寒岁晚,客他乡久。大舸翩翩何许至,元是高阳旧友。便 一笑、相欢携手。为问武昌城下月,定何如、扬子江头柳。追往事,两眉皱。 烛花细翦明于昼。 唤青娥、小红楼上,殷勤劝酒。 昵昵琵琶恩怨语,春笋轻笼翠 袖。看舞彻、金钗微溜。若见故乡吾父老,道长安、市上狂如旧。重会面,几时又。 全宋词刘过集

Wealth and Power by Orville Schell and John Delury – Random House

This is the book I am currently reading. According to all the 5 stars review, this book has a special approach. Each chapter focuses on one man, well-known or un-known, and it unfolds how the […]

After Reading Victory on New Yorker, Issue 26th August

I was addicted to New Yorker for months. Today I opened the new issue for 26th August, one name in the content stopped me, Yu Hua. Yu Hua gained his fame by To Live, in my undergraduate days, […]