Quotations on Pornography

Pornography that is serious literature aims to “excite” in the same way that books which render an extreme form of religious experience aim to “convert. Susan Sontag “The Pornographic Imagination” Styles of Radical Will

The Year I Stopped Reading Men

It was like when you turn on a TV set after spending a significant period of time streaming television online. Suddenly, you’re covering your ears and asking why those Kia hamsters can’t play a different […]

Be scientific on déjà vu

What is déjà vu? What is déjà vu? – Michael Molina (by TEDEducation) I’m sure everybody was confused by this so-called déjà vu experience before, and blame it on the dream. This video explains the […]

Remember William Edward Soothill

Recently a book came out, entitled 《寻找 苏慧廉》William Edward Soothill was a missionary in China, stayed for 46 years. At first, he was staying in Wen Zhou, learned the dialect, and wrote some valuable books. […]