Fiction 虚构

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To read the book (in Simplified Chinese), please visit here.



Cow No. 3963 started on 30th April, 2014 on Douban Reading website, it was completed on 18th October, 2014.




Words from the author: The idea was composed in Israel, but I tried to prevent war getting into my work. Desire is like war, it encroaches the most sensitive part of your heart, then leaves the weakest scar behind. In the place where land is a scarce, I met No. 3963 in a farm.

Cow No. 3963 and a bunch of people are living together loosely, only they don’t know how much their lives resemble each other. No. 3963 does not want to be sacrificed to the mass production of diary industry, she ran away, looking for her freedom until the end of her life. I hope it will be as serious as Animal Farm in its own way, and refresh like The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly.

In the other side of the Earth, sun burns the desert into despair. There is a tiny oasis. In the collective farms, they run quietly with extreme efficiency. I met No. 3963 there. She squeezed herself in the corner of her cage, dreaming. I touched another calf’s head, but what I understood is No. 3963’s ambition, or say, illusion.



To read the book (in Simplified Chinese), please visit here.


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