Write a poem in world poetry day

write a poem in world poetry day

to pour the hatred into words

those injustice

pretend to care and

always helping

as if poetry is the effective way


More poems? Wait till I’m dead – With my own poem divided into two

November has never been this disruptive,

that’s when I picked up Allen Ginsberg.

The introduction bring back the “Trump” season, together with

a bit of entangled Winter Blue,

“Winter kept us warm, covering”, says T.S. Eliot.

The kid in the introduction asks his dad “what I’d do if Donald Trump was elected”,

as young Allen Ginsberg put it,

this is called “November Intuition”.

The first poem in the collection was about the then Republican incumbent Gordon Canfield ran for reelection in New Jersey’s Eight Congressional District, as if it was on purpose to echo the kid’s question on Trump in the introduction.

Here I quote,

Rep Gordon Canfield

(Mine Own Dear Congressman)

Canfield votes like a

Typical politician,

Guided strictly by

November Intuition.

For Canfield is

But half a man —

The other half


— New Jersey, ca. Fall 1942

And he (Trump) did. When all things sealed in the past,

framed and hanged on the tilted nail,

you have to bring your dropped jaw back to the position.

Right? All will be right, right?

Nothing Left.

Eulogy to a Carnival

we all put make-ups on the past.

white wash or blemish it

it sheds lights into our future


the shell on the snail

never the burden but

a true home

allows an unsettling heart


hitchhiking the way up to heaven

like railroad

sabotaging nature’s face

blowing away the insult the abusing the unfairness inside me

the choices that all haven’t landed on me


as well, we could call it

a life

the “virtual stage” filled with cheap thrill

to spin