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OP in Summer

Summer was left outside the operation room Haiku reminds me to breathe Advertisements


琴诗 [宋] 苏轼 若言琴上有琴声,放在匣中何不鸣? 若言声在指头上,何不于君指上听? Poem of Qin Su Shi If melody of Qin is on the Qin, why it does not sing in a box? If melody in on the fingers, why not listening […]

三月柳絮飞 + Audio

送别 [唐] 王之涣 杨柳东风树,青青夹御河。 近来攀折苦,应为别离多。 weeping willow tree and the east wind, royal river lies between the green. Recently hard to climb and snap a branch, too many farewells should be the reason. 劳劳亭 [唐] […]

关于爱情词 HSK 4 + Audio

木兰花令 拟古决绝词 [清] 纳兰性德 人生若只如初见,何事秋风悲画扇? 等闲变却故人心,却道故人心易变。骊山语罢清宵半,泪雨零铃终不怨。 何如薄倖锦衣郎,比翼连枝当日愿。 What if life only feels like the first glance, what matters to be sad for the painted fan in the autumn? Waiting idly until the old friend’s heart […]