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What is a liquid society?

This is a big volume. Having been on and off for the book, I finally finished. The title is attracting, at least for me. It has some sort of intellectual quality that appeals to me […]

Four Feet Under — A perspective contains life

With Haruki Murakami’s The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle, waiting for the bus turns into a curious investigation about the narrator’s life, who previously worked in a law firm and never liked his job. I was the […]

The Voice We Should All Hear

This book should be put in the shelf called Books That Made Me Cry, if not, still I should apologise for categorising it on my Russia book shelf, it is about Belarus, Ukraine, also the […]

About “Submission”

This book is a contemporary masterpiece. One might not find it appealing, since it talks about the well-known boring academic life, where nearly no one gets to do research on their chosen topic, or simply […]