Shout — A book everyone should read

This is the most powerful book I have read in five years! The book exceeded my expectation in every aspects! Normally I am not the person recommending books to my friends, but this is the book that I think every man, woman, girl, boy, teen should read, before it’s too late!

The pain, the fast pace of IT happened, the losing, the choices we made, the passiveness we received, it happened in every single person’s life!

The book is powerful because not only woman identify; the book is deeply powerful because it is a journey that everyone of us became too familiar with, and tried to forget as well; the book is so profoundly powerful because it is genuinely painful, but not only the physical echo of the pain, also emotionally, spiritually.


This book is composed of poems, poems that made up Laurie’s life, each stanza, each line, each word. Those poems are also the confluence of our lives, bringing the conflict up to the surface, hoping for sufficient attention. We are all looking for a poetic dwelling to catch up the fast pace society imposed on us, deprived our own breathe. Those little events became feathers, fluttering from the sky, down to the earth, along with the memory.

Few of us realised poems composed our lives, to some extent. Only the most traumatic, the most tragic, the most burning emotions got written. They tackled so many issues that later became those colourful ribbons tied to the rusty iron fence outside of the church. They are the “Shouts” from those victims, those being muted kids. They became “shouts” of the parents, of a collective memory that we should do our best to eliminate. It is not only “I relate”, “I identify”, it is more than that, it is about to have a voice, to “shout”! There are so many voiceless youth, growing older, shutting their kids up, Shout breaks this circle.

One doesn’t need to read any of her other books to understand, this is the book to keep. It is influential because of its amazing command of language; of its beautifully written life events that will once and forever matter!

To know that there are people not scared to tell things that are worth saying is the most wonderful feeling in the world. Thanks Laurie.










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