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Where Epics Fail: Meditations to live byWhere Epics Fail: Meditations to live by by Yahia Lababidi

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We are ruled by quotations, said Susan Sontag. Her experimental novels are all covered with traces that are a bit too theoretical, a bit too up there in the mind, but there is a crypt, aphorism on the walls, old ones, Germanic ones, Chinese ones, etc. Yes, it is a bit too theoretical in the 1960s. However, that is also a recreation of the oldest form of framing what has been said, done or recorded. In addition, those aphorisms are wisdoms, sentences extracted from centuries of human history. Concise and to the point. Sometimes painful.

We Chinese are too well lived and ruled by quotations. From the early reciting of Confucius and other wise old men to the modern classics, I have not once escaped the fate of repeating what predecessors have had said or done. Boring, yet exciting. Isn’t it? When one can think that one is standing on the shoulders of the giant, shout out loud, that would be the moment for aphorism, right?

This book by Yahia Lababidi is a collection of aphorisms throughout decades. I like the style of those aphorisms and its way of categories. Some of them dealt with the modern life — social media, phones, etc. Some of them are about the most basic and common traits that we human beings are retain. Sometimes people forget that.

It’s a lot of aphorisms there. Sometimes make me feel the book carries history, it is heavy. Sometimes I think, isn’t that what a book should be ? It is worth reading.

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