Michael Specter: Inside B.G.I., China’s Genomics Factory

This story is worth reading more than once. It contains a lot of hidden messages. 

1. In China, does it really matter to be a private company or a state-owned company or others? 

Entity is not that important, or say, if you are as big as B.G.I. it doesn’t matter. 

2. What does privacy mean in China?

The boss of B.G.I. said, privacy means nothing to him, he doesn’t care if the government is watching them or not. That’s not the point. The thing is, privacy is not some gene build-in Chinese blood. We have idiom 隔墙有耳,means there is always an ear next door. And under the surveillance of so many dynasties, it becomes something we could ignore easily. There is another case, if someone really wants FAME, then they will enjoy playing with paparazzi, enjoying their lives under Mega lights. Either one is … I’m not here to judge. 

3. Maybe we do need a book about future when we could choose genes for forming people. And it will start from China because China has less legal barriers. Bravo. We are liberal minded ~

and much more. 

Michael Specter: Inside B.G.I., China’s Genomics Factory


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