Arrived in Taiyuan by train at 8:49 am.

There was a bombing at the Shanxi Provincial Office in Taiyuan at 7:40 am.

One person dead, one in critical condition, and seven others injured.

Traffic jams. Uploaded photos of shell cases on Weibo.

Reports on the radio and news, but not enough to draw real attention to the Party. 

All this chaos and suffering within our country happen because of their greed and insatiable and need for power, but in the end, it’s only us who do the suffering.

If it is a dairy, it belongs to a girl. 


Posted by Zöe 雪里红

Native of North (China), Interpreter, Translator, #italki Teacher, Avid Reader, Sontag maniac, Crowdfunding Publishing enthusiastic (currently research on), I write

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