Angela Merkel & Park Geun Hye

Time magazine’s featured article is about Angela Merkel’s “unfinished business”. Except for other campaign issues, this is also a battle of personalities. Will Angie lose? No, she is the “Mutti”! 

Korean president Park Geun Hye’s auto biography The Exercise of My Despair in a new book. In this book, she mentioned Angela Merkel as well. She compares herself with this first female chancellor in Germany. They are alike. They both led a waning party back to life, and also with their steady leadership, they led the country back to the leading track. Only, Park Geun Hye has a more tragic life.  

In Time’s article, Angela Merkel’s childhood classmates and other colleagues were interviewed. They were right, it is about personality. She has the charisma. And if her flaws are few, erfolgreich zusammen, warum nicht?


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