According to Time Magazine, “the percentage of U.S. veterans wounded in Iraq or Afghanistan who have trouble sleeping is 80%”. And this is not that astonishing? People are familiar with PTSD, and these are not taken into account while decision makers announcing their decisions.

Sure, PinkCode members are allowed to come to show their protest in front of cameras, but does it really matter? It will raise some awarenesses around the country, but they don’t make decisions. The reason why they are allowed to come in is that what they do could be ignored easily.

And who cares about the youth want to fight for their country? They will turn to veterans with PTSD.

I saw one veteran in Israel, that’s where I learned “Hurry up and wait” vernacular. Watch 1974 movie Promised Lands directed by Susan Sontag, it tells us how the war destroys.

Photo-Bombing for Peace — about PinkCode


Posted by Zöe 雪里红

Native of North (China), Interpreter, Translator, #italki Teacher, Avid Reader, Sontag maniac, Crowdfunding Publishing enthusiastic (currently research on), I write

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