Still full of ideas, but not making jobs

Not only one article mentions being again in the “sputnik” era, as one can see how deep and influencial Americans view on the current situation. This is not the Cold War, but China did rise up and the size of the country is just a little less than Russia. 

Except for the conforting, America calls for innovation. The job crisis becomes the major concern in US, well, also in Europe. But it is better in Europe, for instance, Germany. 

There are endless creative ideas about technology innovation, but the problem is can this idea generate more jobs. However, I think the writer forgets one thing. Technological innovation is to try to invent a machine which could do as much as it can in order to save money and spendings on Human Resource, as I can simply put. Generating more jobs are never the main point of innovation. Instead, generating more jobs in China is easy to do because of manefacturing. That’s why in the article it questions the China’s capacity of innovation.

It’s a paradox.  

Still full of ideas, but not making jobs


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