A photojournalism festival is boosting in France. At the same time, it strikes Leroy a deep thinking on the younger generation with smart phone cameras. While plunging in their careers with cameras, they didn’t know David Douglas Duncan etc, that is why Leroy offers one advice in Time, “work, work, work. Read everything done before you. Watch what was done before you. Try to find another angle.”

I think whoever are playing with their cameras and trying to earn some reputation as well as money out of it should read Susan Sontag’s On Photography first and foremost. She examines all the aspects that a photographer might have while taking a photo, besides digging all the historical, aesthetic and philosophical backgrounds.

And Leroy’s suggestion fits also Susan Sontag’s Against Interpretation advice in the end of the essay. “We must learn to see more, to hear more to feel more.” People are eager to give their own interpretation without considering what have already done before them. We could always stand on the shoulder of giants, but we need to understand them first, needless to say it is just a photo to “read”.

The Curator’s Conundrum


Posted by Zöe 雪里红

Native of North (China), Interpreter, Translator, #italki Teacher, Avid Reader, Sontag maniac, Crowdfunding Publishing enthusiastic (currently research on), I write

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