Shout — A book everyone should read

This is the most powerful book I have read in five years! The book exceeded my expectation in every aspects! Normally I am not the person recommending books to my friends, but this is the book that I think every man, woman, girl, boy, teen should read, before it’s too late!

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quote the quote

We are ruled by quotations, said Susan Sontag. Her experimental novels are all covered with traces that are a bit too theoretical, a bit too up there in the mind, but there is a crypt, aphorism on the walls, old ones, Germanic ones, Chinese ones, etc. Yes, it is a bit too theoretical in the 1960s. However, that is also a recreation of the oldest form of framing what has been said, done or recorded. In addition, those aphorisms are wisdoms, sentences extracted from centuries of human history. Concise and to the point. Sometimes painful.



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